Your visit here will help you learn more about restoring a fine piano.

We are pleased to be your guide, and ally, in exploring the possibility of restoring your piano. 


Background Questions

  • There is no reason most folks will have accumulated much knowledge about pianos:   How they work, how they age, what makes them feel and sound the way they do.
  • Few pianos will undergo professional restoration, and few piano owners will ever have a piano restored more than once in a lifetime .


    Photo Credit:  ms.akr

    Photo Credit: ms.akr

    It is our hope that this section can clarify some of the technical issues we discuss when contemplating piano restoration.  We find that the single greatest need is reliable information.  The piano technicians who have tuned a piano over the years may (or may not) have discussed its condition, shortcomings and potential.  Even a skilled pianist may not be aware of the potential of a piano, or what work is needed to achieve it.

    Sometimes a poor condition piano is simply not played, because it is such an ordeal to do so.  Many older pianos have come to us today through the hands of earlier generations.  The opportunities in our time to enhance and preserve these instruments require careful consideration.

    We share the responsibility to make choices that are appropriate, cost effective, and represent long-term value.  Our goal in evaluating your piano is to apply our technical expertise, experience, and judgment to recommend a course that is in the best long-term interest of the piano and its owner.

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